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What's Your Jersey?

Aug 4, 2017

For SARAH MITCHELL-DANCE IS SPORT and this week the BRITNEY SPEAR'S "PIECE OF ME" Dancer joins Jaclyn to talk what it takes to achieve your goals!  The longtime friends discuss Sarah's credits including being a NY KNICKS CITY DANCER, NE PATRIOTS CHEERLEADER, and working w/ Christina Aguilera, KATY PERRY, PITBULL, NE-YO, 50 CENT to name a few.  SARAH is also the 1st WYJP guest that has a SUPERBOWL RING!  She tells Jaclyn what is was like performing at the VMA's following BEYONCE' last year and gives great fitness and health tips for maintaining a strong sexy body!  Stay tuned til the end to hear her SASSY "WORK BITCH" Britney Spears Read Meatballs!!